About Us

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Lifestyle Interest is tending to be your favorite lifestyle magazine. Our team of professionals is committed to informing our readers about trending topics from various fields such as: healthy living, exercising, traveling and the like.

Whenever you want to refresh yourself or your guests, in our magazine you can find some of the best recipes for smoothies or food. Or, if you wake up in the morning and you are in that “traveling” mode, here you can find the best places to visit, from beaches to some old caves at the bottom of a mountain.

These are the things that make all of our lives fulfilled and enjoyable and our mission is to deliver them to you in a carefully written manner.

But, everything of this will not happen without your help. Feel free to contact us whenever you have some new idea about our site or have any compliments or complaints.

Our contact info: contact@lifestyleinterest.com or through our contact form.