5 Unusual Countries To Visit This Summer

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As the summer approaches, you need to start thinking about your travel plans and vacations. In the world there are so many amazing places that are likely not in your radar of places that you would like to visit. But, if you are a trip lover and you give them a chance, they will definitely not disappoint you. The countries that can be found on our list are not exactly a standard holiday destinations and can not be seen in the average travel guide. But the trip to these destinations will leave you many memories and stories to share in the future.

1. Philippines

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Philippines is a magic country with even 7106 islands. It is a top destination to visit. You will not be enough of their kindness, low prices, friendly people and beautiful beaches. Can you imagine drinking a fresh coconut drink on the beach while you are massage and listen to the sounds of the waves? This description briefly explains the beauty of this country. If you ever plan a trip to this part of the world, then you must visit Philippines.

2. Ukraine

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Perhaps you are naturally scared when you hear the word “Ukraine”, knowing the recent political situation. But, it is not all it seems in the news. The security in Ukraine is at the level as in any normal country. The capital city, Kiev, is a wonderful place to explore. There are not many tourists there, so you will have an interesting experience. You will be impressed by the unusual architecture of churches and castles. The night life in Kiev is energetic, and the prices are much lower than any other capital city in Europe.

3. Myanmar

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Myanmar (Burma) is a country that has recently opened its borders to tourists, so you can get a visa immediately after landing at the international airport in Yangon. We suggest you to visit this country as soon as possible while it is still authentic and the prices are not astronomical. Myanmar is expected to become the new Thailand with the invasion of tourists and it will lose it’s authenticity.

4. Botswana

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In this peaceful country are living very friendly people. It is most famous is because of the wildlife that lives there and magnificent scenery. Take a safari through Botswana to see lions, hippos, crocodiles, leopards, zebras, rhinos and other exotic animals. You will be surprised by the fact that 17% of the territory of Botswana is with national parks. They are home to the largest herds of elephants on Earth.

5. South Korea

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It is sad that South Korea is often overshadowed by its neighbor, Japan, as an attractive tourist destination. The developed technology, futuristic and urban lifestyle in Seoul will completely shift your perceptions and beliefs. Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. The Korean culture is mainly based on respect for the other. Korean food is cheap and tasty, and the nightlife in Seoul is the best worldwide.

These countries are specific and interesting in their own way. Whatever destination you choose to visit, you will not make a mistake.

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