5 Morning Habits That Will Make You Happier

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There is no man in the world that does not like to wake up and start the day fresh and relaxed. But if you do not start properly the best part of the day, if your morning is filled with stress and unhealthy habits – like coffee and cigarettes, you will have a worse day. Therefore, there are several useful and healthy habits that will contribute to happier mornings and thus to a long-term happiness in your life:

1. Breathe deeply

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If you start the morning with a positive attitude, during the day you will be more resistant to negative energy. For that reason, when you wake up, open all the windows in your house and breathe deeply for 10 minutes. It is good if you try to meditate for couple of minutes and you will feel healthy, happy and alive.

2. Warm – cold shower

After waking up, get in the shower and take a shower alternating cold and hot water. This will improve your circulation, would fully wake up and recharge your energy. After the shower you will feel fresh and ready for the challenges throughout the day.

3. Stretching

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Rapid movements in the sleep can cause problems because the body is a bit clumsy when you wake up. But, after you wash your face and do your hygienic routine, you can stretch yourself for a few minutes.


4. Plan your day

The biggest problems occur in the morning because you did not plan your time. The whole morning stress stems from the rush and delay, and you can usually avoid that just if you plan your day nicely.

5. Breakfast before coffee

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Perhaps a cup of coffee and a cigarette is your morning ritual when you get up. Ok, it is fine, but, do not do this on an empty stomach. Have a good and healthy breakfast, give your body the “proper fuel” and then continue with the rest of the morning activities and rituals.

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