4 Ways To Read Other’s Thoughts

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When someone asks you to choose one superpower, which would it be? We are sure that most of us will choose the power to read people’s thoughts. It is in our nature to want to know what exactly people think about us. However, we have found 6 ways in which you can really “read” people’s mind.

1. Body Language

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If you are interested in this area, you can find many studies and documentary movies about the efficiency of the body language. Whenever we want to hide something from others, our body reveals us and shows our thoughts. For example, if someone is looking down when he is telling you some confession, the chances are big that he is lying. In this view, people and the animals are same. When animals want to show off, or to mark their territory, they make some body gestures with which they are sending signals to the others what they are or what are they thinking.

2. Look them in the eyes

It is written in many studies that the pupil in the eye is a “door” of your mind. With this technique you can easily read other’s thoughts. Depending on the mood or feelings, the pupil can spread or constrict. You can notice it when you meet some people. If his pupils spread and then constrict, that particular person is not much interested about you. But, if the pupils remain spread, that means that this person is comfortable with your presence.

3. The tone of the voice

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This very important characteristic reveals people’s feelings and intentions. For example, when somebody is talking fast and loud, it probably means that this person is angry and he wants to hide something behind that anger. On the other side, low tone of the voice is indicator of calmness.

4. Watch out for their breathing

This technique is very much popular among police officers. When they interrogate someone, or just talk to somebody in routine control, they are very concentrated on that person’s breathing. If he is breathing deeply, he is probably telling the truth. But, if he is breathing fast, and his heartbeat rises, then this person is probably lying.

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