4 Doctors Were Found Dead After Discovering This About Vaccines

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Have you ever wonder are the medications that we consume as healthy as we think they are? Many controversies have leaked out in the public about the harmful effect of the medications. So, instead of healing us, maybe are condition is getting worse by consuming them. However, the most scarier information that we have heard is about the 4 doctors that were found dead after exposing some info about vaccines.

4 Doctors Were Found Dead After Discovering This About Vaccines

Mysterious death of 4 doctors

Everywhere on the internet we can find out how vaccines are good for us and how they protect us. However, as many of us know, media is the strongest weapon for everything. So, maybe we are subconsciously forced to think that vaccines are helping us. But, who knows, maybe they are. On the other hand, the annoying thing is that the government has decided to make them mandatory. Therefore, they are forbidding us our fundamental right, the right to choose. Due to this act, many health workers around the world are protesting about it.

4 Doctors Were Found Dead After Discovering This About Vaccines (1)

Because of these weird circumstances, one group of doctors has decided to investigate a little bit more about vaccines. But unfortunately, soon after they have discovered something suspicious, they were found dead. Namely, they have found out that vaccines are linked with cancer and autism. Specifically, they have found out that the enzyme nagalase is causing cancer. Furthermore, their deaths were under suspicious circumstances. Moreover, their families were prevented to find out the details for the deaths of their loved ones.

Now, they said that they will do their best in order to find out the killers. According to them, their relatives were all good people who were doing their job. 2 of them left their children without their father. However, this research will not stop here. Some other doctors have said that they will continue the work of their colleagues. The names of the doctors-heroes are Dr. Hedendal, Dr. Bradstreet, Dr. Whiteside and Dr. Holt.

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