3 Situations When You Should Not Use Essential Oils

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Essential oils are natural products that are obtained from plants, and therefore people think they are safe to use. But they are 100% herbal extracts, which means that they are very strong concentrates.

3 Situations When You Should Not Use Essential Oils

So, in order to get 1 liter of essential lavender oil of lavender takes about 100 kg of lavender flowers. This means that this oil does not have the same properties like the plant, but it is more powerful. These oils have many benefits for our health, but there are cases when you should not use them. In the continuation of this article, you can find out which cases are those.

When you should not use essential oils?

1. Taking the essential oil in form of pills

Although the capsules from essential oils are available in healthy food stores and herbal pharmacies, it is not recommended to take them without consulting your doctor. He will tell you the best if you really need to take these capsules. Moreover, you should be careful to choose quality capsules. The quality ones are those who have durable shell to safely travel through the digestive system.

3 Situations When You Should Not Use Essential Oils (1)

2. Pregnancy

Because of the strong compounds, essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women. However, if you still want to use them, you must consult your doctor for the proper dose and usage. Moreover, not every essential oil is allowed to be used during pregnancy. This is one more thing on which you need to pay extra attention.

3. Before going out on sun exposure

According to the experts, some essential oils contain coumarin, compounds that react with the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, this reaction can cause photodermatitis. Oils that can cause such a reaction are from lemon, citrus and grapefruit. So, whenever you plan to go on the beach for example, do not use these oils 12 hours before that.

So, now when you know the risks, be careful next time when you want to use these oils.

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