3 Most Common Problems Caused By Tonsils

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The tonsils are part of the lymphatic system and they are helping the body to fight with infections. They are the first ones to fight the microorganisms and other harmful substances present in the air. However, they can sometimes be inflamed and can cause serious health problems. Furthermore, it is crucial for you to know the signs and symptoms in order to act properly. Therefore, below in this article we are going to present you 3 most common problems caused by the tonsils.

3 Most Common Problems Caused By Tonsils

Common problems caused by tonsils

1. Painful swallowing

In most cases, tonsil stones are small and do not cause any inconvenience. However, this might not always be like that. So, if they are larger, they can make the swallowing so painful that you will feel like having a needle in your throat. Therefore, if you notice something like this for yourself, then try to do gargle with salt water. This procedure has shown like very effective. However, if it does not help, you should visit your doctor.

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2. Bad breath

According to the information that our research team came, more than a half people in the world are suffering from bad breath. The tonsils are full of cracks that collect bacteria, mucus and dead cells. Therefore white deposits are created that often contain sulfur that causes the bad breath. So, in order to solve this problem, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and do gargle.

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3. Snoring

Increased tonsils may be the main cause for snoring. This problem occurs because the air cannot pass through the normal airways. As you all know, the snoring is often boring and unpleasant. But, the bigger problem is that to other problems like headache and insomnia. According to the statistics, 4 out of 100 men and 2 out of 100 women are suffering from insomnia because of the increased tonsils. Therefore, if the situation is serious, your doctor may advise you to remove them.

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