20 Million Bees Found Dead After People Planted GMO Seeds Nearby

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Terrifying news are coming from Canada. According to the statistics, more than 20 Million bees were found dead in a local farm. According to the local beekeeper, this situation occurred after GMO seeds were planted somewhere near to his farm. They also suspect that neonicotinoids are guilty for the death of his bees.

20 Million Bees Found Dead After People Planted GMO Seeds Nearby

20 Million Bees Found Dead

So, the beekeepers are claiming that these problems have occurred after somebody has planted GMO seeds nearby. In addition, many other crops around are sprayed with some harmful pesticides that can make a lot of damage. They are destroying the crops and people’s health in the same time. We all know that Monsanto and some similar companies are doing the damage. Their harmful products are presented almost in every country in the world. The good thing is that people are becoming aware about this problem and are starting to do some actions.

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According to the experts, two of the most widely used pesticides contain this harmful ingredient in them. The word is about Clothianidin and Imidacloprid. Moreover, similar cases like this one were linked with these ingredients, but nobody takes none responsibility. Therefore, these ingredients can still be found on the markets around the world. Bees are extremely needed for sustaining of our food system. In fact, they are responsible for pollinating of the about 300 different agricultural types of plants.

Who is responsible for this?

But, besides their importance in our system, their number is tremendously dropping in the last few decades. So, the scientist got back to work in order to find out what is the cause for this unpleasant situation. According to them, the previous mentioned pesticides are killing the honeybees. They are reducing their immune system. Therefore, they cannot fight against the bacteria and diseases. However, they are not 100% sure about this. But, they are sure that these harmful pesticides have many negative effects on them.

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But, it seems that the countries have decided to take some measures. Therefore, Canada has banned many pesticides that have been used on the corn  fields there. Moreover, Italy and France have also banned them. The good thing is that many other countries like New York, Alaska and California want to ban these ingredients. Now, we need to wait and hope that the authorities will take the necessary measures to save the bees.


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