10 Signs That You Are In Great Shape

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Often we are too strict with ourselves when it comes to exercising. Also, we often compare with professional athletes who make us feel inferior or average. Sometimes it happens for us to skip workouts or fall to temptation and eat unhealthy food. When this happens, our confidence decreases and we immediately feel like our shape is disappearing.

10 Signs That You Are In Great Shape (1)

But, a few flaws do not make much difference unless it is turned into everyday life. Also, you should not let the negativity to stand in your way and prevent you in reaching your fitness goals.

These few signs will confirm that you are in better shape than you think and will increase your self-confidence:

1. You can do different exercises

If your body is able to perform different movements with different intensity, then you possess great strength in different muscle groups. While doing different exercises, you will feel better. This is because you get out from your routine and offer your body something new and different.

2. You are quickly recovering

If you ask any fitness trainer, he will tell you that you can measure your fitness level by the time that you need to recover from some exercise. So, if you recover fast enough after a few sprints, this means that you are in great shape.

3. Stairs are not a problem for you

10 Signs That You Are In Great Shape (2)

If you can walk or run up and down on the stairs without feeling bad and lose air, you’re definitely in much better shape than you think. This workout activates certain muscle groups that are not as involved when doing standard cardio training.

4. You work out because you love it

Often, our inner motivation is much better that the outer goals. When you workout just because you like it, it is a sign that you are already in good shape.

So, from now on, every time when you feel that you are not in shape, just read these tips and ask yourself.

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