10 Facts About The Empire State Building

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Empire State Building, the eighty-five years old pride of New York, is definitely one of the most famous buildings in the world!

Every year it attracts more than four million people who enjoy in the view from the 86th floor.

These are the 10 facts that you probably did not know:

10 Facts About The Empire State Building That You Did Not Know (2)

1. When the building was built, in 1931, it was the tallest building in the world. With 102 floors and antenna on top which rises up to 443 meters, it was the highest building up to 1972, when the popular “Twin Towers” were built.

2. On its construction, 3000 workers have worked! Therefore, there is no wonder that it took them only one year and 45 days to be over with the whole building.

3. Empire State Building cost $ 40 million, which by that time it was an astronomical sum.

4. The building is not “original”. The architect William Lamb has used the ideas used in the construction of the buildings Reynolds in North Carolina.

5. It is interesting that it has its own ZIP code – 10118.

6. It actually has 103 floors, but the top floor is secret and it is open only for VIP guests.

10 Facts About The Empire State Building That You Did Not Know (1)

7. When the weather is nice, the view from the 86th floor observatory stretches on more than 120 kilometers in distance.

8. In 1979, a woman tried to commit suicide jumping from the 86th floor, but she has survived because of the strong wind blowing that day. It took her on the floor below and she only had a broken hip.

9. The lightning strikes the top of the building more than 100 times per year.

10. You can also marry in the building, and if you do this for Valentine’s day, you automatically become member of the ‘Empire State Building Wedding Club’.

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